Offshore Rentals

Primarily our main business focus is in the rental of offshore containers, cargo  baskets and offshore chemical tanks etc, a market in which we excel.

Whether your requirement is for one unit for one day or 2,000 units for 5 years Conserve Rentals & Services Limited are the company to deal with.

Opposite you will find a list of offshore container categories, click on any to discover the full range of unit types normally available from our extensive offshore  rental fleet.

If you don't find the particular type you are looking for, contact us and we will endeavour to assist in either sourcing or manufacturing for you.

Should you require to rent cargo carrying units (CCUs) from us in your own company livery, should you wish to kit out particular units or should you just require additional information, the team at Conserve are always on hand to assist.

Offshore Cargo Baskets / Pipe Carriers

Offshore Cargo Baskets / Pipe CarriersComplete range of Multi Purpose Baskets, Cargo Baskets / Pipe Carriers from 6ft to 55ft in length with various widths available. 10mtr to 16mtr "Step Change in Safety" Baskets featuring latest North Sea safety recommendations.
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Offshore Chemical Tanks / Intermediate Bulk Carrier's

Offshore Chemical Tanks / Intermediate Bulk Carrier'sComplete range of Offshore Chemical Tanks from 500imp Gallon to 1000imp Gallon. 500G, 600G and 1000g Safety Chemical Tanks. Offshore framed IBC 's from 1000 ltr to 2000 ltr. Waste Oil Tanks from 500g to 1000g.
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Offshore Containers Closed / Open

Offshore Containers Closed / OpenComplete range of Closed Dry Goods, Open Top, Half Height and Quarter Height Containers. Closed Dry Range:- Mini Containers, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft. Open Tops:- 10ft, 13ft,16ft, 20ft, 22ft, 25ft. Half Heights:- 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 23ft, Removable Sides and Solid Sides. Quarter Heights:- 10ft x 8ft x 2ft.
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Offshore Skips / Waste Recycling Units

Offshore Skips / Waste Recycling UnitsComplete range of OBM / Mud Cuttings Skips, 8ft and 10ft Box Skips, Waste Skips, Swarf Skips, 4,6 & 8 Bin Waste Recycling Centre's, Fluorescent Tube Baskets and Gas Bottle Racks.
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