5m Investment in Rental Fleet

£5m Investment in Rental Fleet.


Conserve are pleased to announce the recent investment of £5m of Rental equipment to their extensive offshore Cargo Carrying Unit's (CCU) Rental Fleet.

Further investment to expand the Rental Fleet is planned for 2012 / 13 to ensure supply meets increased client requirements in 2012 and beyond. 


Units added  include Half Height’s,15 x 8 Containers, 20 x 8 Containers, Heavy Duty Open Tops, 22ft x 9' 6 wide Open Tops, 3.6mtr and 8.3mtr Baskets,10mtr – 18mtr "step change in safety" Baskets and Gas Bottle Racks. 

Units also added to our Tank Rental fleet include new 1000g T11 tanks, 1000ltr PF IBC Tanks and IBC Carriers. 

New models of units added to our ever expanding Rental Fleet include 30ft Open Tops x 9’6” x 9’2” with a 20 Ton SWL and 30ft Half Heights with a 20 Ton SWL.


All units are manufactured in the UK, designed, tested and certified to   BS EN 12079 / DNV 2.7-1. 


Units are available for Contract or Ad hoc Rental 

Date posted: 2012-07-23

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